Weakened Wheat, Pharaoh - What Will We Eat?

Can a 4-Millennia-Old Innernet Help Solve World Crises?

A most interesting series of connections, and what seem to be important implications and calls to action for us all, seem to begin with my dream, remembered and shared publicly on the morning of 2011-2-11 (before the news was released about Egypt's Mubarak's stepping down from power). Here is the dream:

Weakened Wheat Feed-back: Food for Thought for the US Pharaoh
  Sitting in a row of seats, perhaps a classroom, I notice in the row to my left Barack Obama and a woman he knows. Obama wants to speak with me and is trying to get my attention. I turn and speak to both, handing the woman one half of a slightly-crushed biscuit of shredded wheat like the palm-sized ones that I occasionally eat for breakfast. I show the woman one of the little edges that has broken off where the top and bottom of the wheat biscuit are joined together.
I tell them that they should really check it out.

Waking Life Associations:
  1) The wheat biscuits look a bit like miniature bales of hay.
2) In my presentations, I often share my hope that leaders of today will begin to listen more to dreams in governing their organizations and countries, following the Pharaoh's lead from the biblical account where many, many lives were thereby saved.

After recording the dream, I learn that a group I sometimes share dreams with had that night as an intentional dreaming target, a CNN news story from the previous day. The story details how China is experiencing its worst drought in 6 decades, and is spending about $1 billion to redirect water to severely affected areas which contain about two-thirds of the country's wheat production. The story adds that The United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), even issued a warning on Feb. 8th about potential severe wheat shortages.
From the wheat symbolism alone, my dream feels linked with the intentional dreaming target, even though I was not aware of the target until after having my dream. I often see precognitive links like this with dreams, so that alone is not too surprising to me, however the connection is intriguing enough to explore. I share my dream with the group, and to my amazement, someone writes back saying that my dream, confirms for them why they had been wondering about an unusual photo they came across that morning (Feb. 11th) of President Barack Obama dressed as a pharaoh!

In my dream write-up, I had referred to Barack Obama using the word pharaoh because of the associations with being the head of a nation (like the Egyptian pharaohs were), and because the wheat in the dream suggested for me possible connections with the biblical account in Genesis 41 of the pharaoh's precognitive dreams that, because they were taken seriously and acted upon, very likely saved many, many lives:

  The Egyptian Pharaoh had two powerful dreams one night. In the first dream, standing beside the Nile river, he sees 7 large, healthy cows eaten by 7 scrawny, unhealthy ones. In his second dream, he sees 7 healthy stalks of grain or wheat gobbled up by 7 smaller, sickly-looking ones. As documented in the bible, both the Pharaoh's dreams that night were about the same theme according to Joseph, who interpreted the dreams to mean that there would be 7 years of abundant harvests, followed by 7 years of drought and ruined crops. Joseph further emphasized that the dream was also a highly important warning and call to action. The dreams felt very important to the Pharaoh also, and since his other advisors had not been able to decipher the dreams' message, he appointed Joseph (who was in prison up until then) to become his second in command and govern a 7 year operation to collect 20% of all grain harvests. At the end of 7 years of abundant harvests with immeasurable amounts of gathered grain, Joseph's interpretation proved accurate, and the citizens of the land and nearby regions were very fortunate to have enough food to eat during 7 years of terrible droughts. Countless lives were saved thanks the grain saved up specifically because of the dream and the fact that its interpretation was acted on.  

As I contemplate the links between my dream and the CNN story and search around online, I am surprised to learn that a number of nations have been experiencing bad droughts and other environmental problems (possibly global-warming related) which are adversely affecting agriculture, including China, Canada, Russia, France, India, Australia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Argentina, Bolivia, and perhaps others. I also discover that President Obama is aware of the likely resulting increases in food prices due to expected wheat and grain shortages, and aware of potential riots that may develop as a result like food riots already erupting in Algeria.

I also learn that the USDA has just okayed Monsanto's Genetically-MOdified (GMO) Roundup Ready Alfalfa hay (which looks and is symbolically much like wheat). This development may well put at risk organic alfalfa crops (due to GMO seed spreading) and livestock (due to researched toxic side effects of glyphosate-based pesticides like Monsanto's Roundup), as well as drastically dwindling bee populations that are being negatively affected by pesticides yet are vitally needed pollinate a third of our food supply.

The connections with my dream seem stronger still. Then I see on the news that Egypt's President, after a couple weeks of ongoing riots, has just resigned (even though the night before he made the public statement that he would not). I find this development very interesting in connection with my dream the morning before the event due to the fact that Mubarak has been Egypt's president (and hence sort of Egypt's 'pharaoh', symbolically-speaking) for 30 years. Then I suddenly realize a strong sound link between the names 'Mubarak' and 'Barack' Obama. I share this dream and the names with a friend who is an expert with languages, and he replies that in Arabic, "Barakah" is the indicative form of the verb "to bless", and "Mubark" is the present participle ("being blessed")! Associations in dreams by the sound of a word are a common and fairly well-known principle for helping to understand the dream, so this additional link really intrigues me, and I further realize that the start of both words backwards is "a-r-a-b", associating yet again with the language in which the two words are linked together. A Moroccan friend also mentions that "ba'rek" is a local dialect in some Arab countries meaning "stop" or "sit". This additional meaning feels important as I remember the name of the excellent environmental film released in 1992 called "Baraka", which seemed to suggest a bridge between the two meanings in the sense that life and our planet are great blessings, yet it is crucial that we stop various unhealthy ways of living and of treating animals, ourselves, and the environment.

With a little more investigation, I learn that one of the reasons behind the civil unrest in Egypt has been the shortage of wheat and rising food, and that the price had roughly doubled in recent times.
This seems to also link with my dream, since I was showing President Barack Obama only half a biscuit of wheat. That the half biscuit was somewhat crunched down, and that I was specifically showing him the side of the biscuit where the top and bottom are linked together, seems to support how the dream is suggesting links between the events mentioned above, which at first glance may seem unrelated. The dream therefore seems to bring attention to and even encourage a call to action regarding food and water shortages worldwide, to find solutions for this impending problem before it becomes an even more serious international crisis.
[added 2011-2-28: article just published supports this conclusion]

Another principle of dreams is that they often have meanings at various levels, sometimes being precognitive, as the Pharaoh's dream was. Further contemplating all the connections above, I am left wondering if the Pharaoh's dream could be linked with current events (and not just with droughts and food supply risks from long ago), including my dream that points to connections between some of the reasons behind Egypt's riots and growing international problems with drought, emptying aquifers, and potential wheat and food shortages this year and beyond. Is it possible that not just my dream, but the Pharaoh's dream, one of the most famous precognitive dreams in history, even though it already seems to have once played out, are warning us of serious pending trouble? Whether or not this is true, the facts, figures and related environmental and population trends don't lie, and it seems very apparent from such data that problems are coming likely sooner than later, unless we act now in significant ways to counteract the problem.

Therefore, I would like to put forth the following recommendations, based on the above:
  • Consider creating your own home garden and/or community garden and saving seed. Michelle Obama did this at the whitehouse as a wise example of how we can all create a closer connection with our food, and have at least a small supply of our food under our own control. This recommendation is also supported by dream guidance a friend received about this being an important action we should all consider for the near future. Ideally, such gardens can be organic, and any fertilizers used, natural ones.
  • People in positions of influence such as company and organization heads, as well as community and especially national leaders would be very wise to take more advantage of the powerful guidance offered regularly by our private nightly dreams, as the Pharaoh successfully did 4 millennia ago to save countless lives. I am not suggesting blindly following simple dream dictionary-based interpretations, but rather gratefully and respectfully harvesting the intuitive insights dreams offer and considering, with a balanced blend of reason, possible beneficial actions that dreams seem to suggest. For the Pharaoh to successfully apply such a significant dream as he did, key elements needed to be in place, including (a) that he considered the dream important enough to explore, (b) that someone well-versed in the language of dreams (i.e. Joseph) was present, (c) that the interpretation of the dream was accurate, and (d) that a leader such as the Pharaoh had enough courage to risk sticking his neck out, and enough trust in the huge potential value of the dream and interpretation to enact what Joseph suggested, even though there was no way to prove the interpretation's validity ahead of time.
  • Farmers, businesses and investors involved with the replacement of food crops with crops intended for ethanol and bio-diesel should seriously reconsider their position. Such crops do not help global warming (since the burning fuel still releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere), and also use up land that can otherwise be used for food production.
To help grow the trust that may be required to follow my second recommendation, please consider the highly advantageous outcomes of the following successfully applied dreams:
  • Google co-founder Larry Page's original inspiration for the renowned search engine that has grown into a ~$200 billion company came to him at age 23 in a dream that sparked Google's site ranking feature which is now appropriately called "page rank".
  • In 1996, British fashion stylist Nina Barough awoke from a dream about “lots of women walking fast in a marathon, all wearing bras on top of their T-shirts to raise funds for cancer research”.
    Nina, aged 42, followed the dream and entered a marathon (with her bra showing as the dream suggested), and then another, and eventually raised enough support and interest to create the "Walk the Walk" foundation that has now raised over $90 million for breast cancer. Nina's dream also seems precognitive and possibly helped save her life, since she developed breast cancer about a year later, and one of the integrated health programs supported by funds that Walk the Walk generated played a big role in helping her to overcome her own cancer.
  • Canadian physician Frederick Banting was carrying out research on the causes of diabetes, yet unable to find an effective method for extracting pancreatic secretions, which was the key to his important discovery. One night, however, he awakened with very specific guidance how to go about this involved procedure and soon tried it out. This surprising new approach allowed Banting to successfully isolate the hormone now known as insulin, and his discovery of the means for obtaining it has since saved the lives of untold millions of diabetics.
I offer my dream, as well as the above insights, connections, and the call to action that arise from it in humble service to all who find it of value. I hope you will pass the information on so that we may all (a) be aware of the growing threat that is facing us, and (b) take advantage of a combination of powerful dream insights and educated logic, and thereby grow our own truth inside (as we grow our food outside). This truth will be healthier, deeper, farther reaching, and one that empowers us to act in a way that will support not just everyone's best interests, but also a bright future for our challenged planet. Thank you very much for your time, consideration, and enacted dreams,

  Craig Sim Webb, February 16th, 2011  

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