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The DREAMS Foundation: Mission

The DREAMS Foundation (Dream Research and Experimental Approaches to the Mechanisms of Sleep) is a non-profit organization.

The Foundation's Aims:

  • Inform both the public and health/science professionals about the nature of dreams and their practical applications in relationship to overall health and well-being.
  • Support ongoing research into dreams and non-pharmaceutical treatments for sleep and dream disorders.
  • Contribute to the training and education of students and researchers in these fields.
  • Provide funding for both fundamental and clinical research in these fields.
  • Contribute to improved treatment of patients with dream-related disorders.
  • Encourage research into both normal and abnormal dreaming and sleep processes.

Current Activities & Services:

  • Presentations at invited lectures and seminars
  • On-going courses in dreams, lucid dreams, and their practical applications for improving waking life, as well as outdoor training programs and retreats
  • Fund-raising
  • Ongoing construction of an internet presence at: www.dreams.ca
  • An initiative is underway to bring dreams and dreamwork techniques to both private individuals and health care professionals who are caring for the terminally ill -- a vital arena for the benefits available from dreams
  • Another project, currently on hold due to funding needs, was initiated to bring the practical applications of dreams and lucid dreams both into high schools to offer adolescents an empowering outlet for adventure and exploration greatly preferable to drug experimentation

The DREAMS Foundation and You

Every person on Earth dreams every night, and we all end up passing about a third of our lives in sleep. It follows that there must be something very important going on while we sleep and dream, yet in the industrialized world, we generally pay little attention to our dreams. Gathered here is a look at some ancient ideas and recent discoveries that seem to be in great need in our culture, and for which there has been a steadily growing demand. We are glad to be able to share with you this overview of the results from many years of study and research, and truly hope you will consider personally experimenting with dream recall and incubation, and the applications of dreams and lucid dreams.

The DREAMS Foundation is a non-profit organization, which offers services for both the public and for health and science professionals, some of which are offered at no charge such as this web site. We have compiled and brought you what we have seen to be very valuable, practical information, though the results may not be immediately apparent. If you find it helpful, we truly hope that you will consider supporting the Foundation by making a donation. This will enable us to continue providing this service for others and to improve the range and quality of the services we offer.

We genuinely appreciate your interest, welcome your feedback, and thank you for joining us on what we hope will be for you a fascinating exploration and adventure of rediscovery into what is quite often the forgotten third of life.

Warm regards,

Craig Webb
Executive Director

DREAMS Director Craig Webb
Craig Webb is a McGill University graduate with pioneering dream and consciousness research at Stanford University and Sacre-Coeur Hospital, and has two decades experience researching, applying, writing and teaching about dreams, consciousness, applied psychology, and mind-body wellness. He is privileged to be an invited expert for universities, major motion pictures, Fortune 500 corporations, and over a thousand international media.


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